Florida Quest's Road to Success
Here are some of the things you can expect at Florida Quest

Giving You The Power

About Our Flat-Rate Program:

At Florida Quest, we have decided to provide agents with the ability to take charge on running their company, without the giant commission splits. We have created a very simple plan to provide license activation to Sales Associates, for a low monthly fee. Currently for $197/Month, Florida Quest Realty will hold your Florida Real Estate License in Active Status with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Florida Quest Provides Errors & Omissions Insurance to All Active Agents for Only $100 per Closing.


Just to make sure we're on the same page...

- Experienced Agents -

Experienced Agents will be expected to know knowledgeable and able in all aspects of their Real Estate Business. You will be expected to be an autonomous agent, with minimal brokerage assistance. You will be expected to submit a complete transaction file prior to being paid for the applicable transaction.

- New Agents -

New Agents will need to be self-learners, self-managed, and understand being a real estate agent means YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN. For agents with under 2 years experience, you will be required to purchase our Lifetime Online Courses for a $97 One-Time fee in order to qualify for our License Activation Subscription.


All Your Questions... Answered!

Are there any additional fees?

You will receive 100% of your commission. Florida Quest Realty will charge $100 per transaction for supplying E&O Insurance.

How do I get Paid on my Transactions?

Upon submission of a completed file, Florida Quest will release a Disbursement Authorization to the applicable title company.

What is Included? Support?

Our Flat-Fee Program is designed for experienced agents who do not require support or a physical office. We are, however, easily reachable for" add-on" assistance.

What if I Need Help or Have Questions?

If you need Brokerage Assistance, Transaction Management, Negotiation Assistance, or Partnership in Any Transaction Matters, Florida Quest will assist for an additional fee. This fee will be determined by our Broker's Associate on a case-by-case basis proportionate to the assistance required.

Do You Have Additional Questions?
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